About the Monroe Avenue GIGP Project

In 2011, the Town of Brighton collaborated with the Rochester Regional Community Design Center (RRCDC) to produce the Monroe Avenue Corridor Community Vision Plan. With input from area residents, community stakeholders, and the local business owners, the Brighton Steering Committee and RRCDC developed a strong set of goals and ideas for the future development and revitalization of the Monroe Avenue Corridor. Stormwater management, large amounts of impervious surfaces, and lack of mitigation practices to control runoff and flooding emerged as the primary contributors to the condition and visual assessment of the Monroe Avenue corridor. The Vision Plan recognized that multi-functional improvements of green, sustainable practices not only address stormwater issues, but can provide collateral improvement benefits. This creates a positive, livable and enhanced street corridor – the primary goal of the Vision Plan.

Based on the Vision Plan and the Town's stormwater management expertise, we applied for and received Green Innovation Grant Program (GIGP) funding. The primary purpose of this proposed GIGP project is to progress strategies to improve stormwater management and water quality, while simultaneously resulting in the initial revitalization improvements of Monroe Avenue as recommended in the Vision Plan. The Monroe Avenue green infrastructure (GI) system will provide a stormwater management approach with a basic principle that is modeled after nature: manage rainfall at the source using uniformly distributed micro‐scale controls. GI's goal is to mimic a site's predevelopment hydrology by using design techniques that infiltrate, filter, store, evaporate, and detain runoff close to its source.

Techniques are based on the premise that stormwater management should not be seen as stormwater disposal. GI practices designed for Monroe Avenue will protect stormwater as a resource providing valuable ecosystem services. Emphasizing the areas closest to Buckland Creek (north terminus) and Allens Creek (south terminus) through concentrated GI practices will have the maximum impact on pollutant reduction.

Water Quality Benefit Goals

  • Runoff Volume Reduction

  • Sediment Reduction

  • Road Salt Reduction

  • Phosphorus Reduction

  • Nitrogen Reduction

  • Increased Linear Feet of Streambank/Shoreline Protection

  • Increased Linear Feet of Stream Channel Stabilization

There are two key objectives for this project in order to meet the goals of the Vision Plan and the GIGP project:

  1. Engage the local community and the affected business owners along the street and continue to solicit input, build
    consensus, transfer “ownership,” and clarify the methods of beautification improvements to the key stakeholders.

  2. Develop designs that are aligned with the community’s desires which function as sustainable infrastructure practices that can be completely understood, constructed, and maintained by the Town.

Current Work Plan for the Monroe Avenue GIGP Project

Work Plan.pdf

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